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Mama Roza’s will be led by two childcare industry veterans, Frida Pesin and Esta Karpulis. Frida has a sales, marketing, management, and executive administration background within the industry. Esta Karpulis, who is a skilled early childhood education specialist is a leader within her field. She was formally trained at Grant MacEwan University and has honed her talents over the past fifteen years as a lead-teacher. Not only has she touched the lives of children of all ages, but she has also demonstrated a strong ability to work effectively and productively with complex needs. Esta is gifted and creative — the impact that she has on the youngsters in her care is a positive influence that lasts a lifetime.

What Parents Say

Esta was the head pre-school teacher for my daughter in 2015 and 2016. During that time, I had the pleasure of seeing how well Esta dealt with young children and their families with kindness, patience and love. Esta was in charge of ensuring that the children were learning essential self-care and social skill concepts such as sharing, expressing emotions appropriately and being able to participate in group activities every day. The children and my daughter loved being in Esta’s class. Esta managed a class of over 20 young children, keeping them active and busy, learning basic early literacy and numeracy skills, arts and crafts and physical activity. I believe that she is well qualified and experienced and has a great way of relating to young children, to make them feel valued, cared for and happy in her care.

As the head teacher in the preschool class, Esta also had the responsibility of managing the other childcare staff in her care. She did so with confidence and effectiveness – ensuring that the class was in control, the children were safe and happy and that the daily activities were going according to plan. Her leadership skills and professionalism ensured daily success in the classroom with the teachers and children.

I have the utmost confidence in Esta’s judgment and maturity and have always felt comfortable leaving my children in her care.


No matter what she does, Esta does it well and always with kindness and compassion. My family and I first had the pleasure of meeting Esta when she was a preschool teacher for one of my children. She always had a way of making our son feel special and important. He loved being around her and all the positive energy she provided.

While teaching the preschool class, Esta was continually coming up with new ideas to educate the children and bring them all together as a community. Her ideas were often firsts for our center, and many of them are continued today, many years later.

We were fortunate that Esta also got to teach our youngest child as well. The two of them formed an incredible bond due to Esta’s loving nature. Even after the kids moved on from Esta’s class they often speak very highly of her. Many years later, my daughter continues to love to look at the Alphabet book that she made in Esta’s class.

Esta Karpulis is one of the most genuine people I know. She was born to work with children. After observing her with my own eyes, I could see how much she honestly cares for them, as if they were her own. I have no qualms about giving Esta a glowing recommendation.

A thrilled parent,


I have known Frida since August 2012 when I became Principal of Talmud Torah School. Frida is an accomplished and skilled Executive Director and she has been a wonderful
partner in ensuring the students of our school receive the best education possible.

Frida is creative, forward-thinking and positive. She was always creating events or projects that celebrated success, profiled the good work happening in our school and in the Early Learning Centre (ELC) I always knew that when Frida said, “I have an idea. What do you think about…?” it was worth listening to because it was always something new, engaging and fun that would promote the school and/or ELC, continue to build connections within the school community as well as build relationships between the school community and the wider community.
While Frida is a “big idea person,” she also never loses sight of details and she builds strong relationships and is able to tap into them to ensure her ideas come to fruition…

Judith Boyle
Principal, EPSB

… Underlying Frida’s professionalism and adaptability was her passion for the mission of our organization: providing children and youth with a healthy, well-rounded learning experience. Frida is the kind of person that steps up when required and goes beyond the call of duty to support the organization. She was called upon to do this on numerous occasions and she did not let us down. Throughout her time at Edmonton Talmud Torah, Frida demonstrated strong management skills, as well as innovative thinking. She introduced a variety of new educational programs and community events that addressed real gaps and attracted goodwill and success to our organization.


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