With school on the horizon, pre-kindergartners are inspired to think critically, explore new ideas, and build on the STEM, language, art, and social skills they’ll need to succeed.


Language Works


Listening and Speaking: ask questions; expand vocabulary, and participate in back-and-forth discussions


Early Literacy: listen to/retell stories; write simple charts, letters


Mama Roza’s Garden Childcare Signature Practices: daily pre-reading and writing


Science Rocks


Exploration: observe, research, chart findings, and use the tools and technology


Problem-Solving: conduct long-term projects to test ideas/find solutions ( studying ants, woodworking)


Mama Roza’s Garden Childcare Signature Practices: science journals and annual science experiences


Art Smart


Visual Arts: communicate ideas visually; explore art books/artists; use a variety of mediums and tools


Creative Movement: learn complex dances; understand rhythms/patterns in music


Dramatic Arts: compose stories or plays; use imagination in play; assign roles


Math Counts


Number Sense: solve simple number problems; distinguish patterns; count objects, and make sets


Spatial Relations: measure volume and size; build geometric structures; and understand the concept of time


Mama Roza’s Garden Childcare Signature Practices: rotating math stations


Well Aware

Healthy Living Practices: yoga, mindfulness, and physical activity


Nutrition and Safety: make healthy food choices; engage in cooking activities; take care of personal needs


Nature Experiences: observe plants and animals; grow a garden; explore the natural world


Towards a Better World


Character and Community: understand home, the classroom, and the larger community; begin to develop positive character traits


Environmental Awareness: care for plants or animals; recycle; clean up after ourselves


Diversity Awareness: understand and appreciate differences; use maps


Caring Matters


Social-Emotional: develop friendships; ask for help; resolve conflict; express compassion and empathy, and identify emotions


Executive Function: take turns; persevere through a task; regulate emotions, and see another’s perspective