The toddler years are a time full of great cognitive, emotional and social development and full of big and small emotions.



Listening and speaking: listen and respond to simple instructions. Begin to learn to express their big and small emotions.


Early literacy

Learn to use books and appreciate stories, learn new sounds and vocabulary through books and begin learning letters.


Mama Roza’s Garden child care signature practice: Foster receptive and expressive language 


Science Rocks

We will provide a safe environment for our toddler’s to explore and learn science through play experiences and their 5 senses. 


Questioning and problem-solving: Staff will ask “how and what” questions to help the children learn and grow in their environment.


Mama Roza’s Garden child care signature practice: Cause-and-effect exploration


Art Smart:


Art helps The toddler’s with their fine motor skills, cognitive development, math skills as well as language skills.


Craft time: We will introduce art materials ( crayons, chalk, paints, scissors, coloured paper, etc.) for the toddlers to explore through their senses.


Dance and creative movement: this helps toddlers with coordination, body awareness and balance, overall health as well as feeling good. We will also introduce our toddlers to different types of music to enrich their knowledge of sound.


Role playing: we will set up experiences where our toddlers are able to  role-play with costumes.


Math Counts:


Numbers: begin to understand one to one correspondence accountant.


Sorting, shapes and patterns: begin to sort objects and notice Patterns. Identify objects and recognize patterns through puzzles and different fun experiences.


Well Aware


Healthy Living Practices: grow and explore different types of food and fun play experiences in a safe surrounding. Introduce yoga/mindfulness exercise.


Skills: work on cognitive and fine motor development through fun play activities set up by staff.


Mama Roza’s Garden child care signature practice: daily sensory experiences and self help skills. Weather permitting the children will go outside for fun outdoor exploring and playing.


Towards a better world:


Character and community: Begin to make a positive contribution in a community setting. Practice affection and compassion for our friends at Mama Roza,s.


Environmental awareness: take care of our classroom, play-space inside and outside and tower-garden.


Social-emotional: learn the world in a safe place where children can be children and have fun; begin to develop empathy and build positive relationships.